The Fat Umbrella

Alice Springs Style…

Landing in Alice Springs, what kind of grub would you be expecting me to try out? The usual bush tucker, a few worms here and there perhaps? Afraid not.

After reading a few bits and bobs about the place, cuisine wise, I wasn’t sure entirely what to expect. Kangaroo slapped on the BBQ with a side of fire ants? Again, not quite. They do however, throw an extremely tasty eggs florentine together. I know: I’m all the way out here in the dessert and I’m eating poached eggs? But hey, if they are the best poached eggs I’ve ever tasted, I’m doing my job and delivering the news to you about where in the world you will get the perfectly poached yolk.

Actually it’s here in Alice where you will endear the creamiest hollandaise sauce in the universe. The kind of creamy where your eyes close and all conversation around you turns to a dim buzz of babble. I’d come across the “Red Ochre” in Alice Springs as it has been named as one of “the” places to dine at whilst visiting. We went for a simple lunch. I’d love to go back and experience what evening delights they would have to offer, so if anybody out there is planning a trip out in the sticks of Alice Springs, try this place.


Eggs Florentine: poached eggs on toasted pumpkin bread; wilted spinach: smoked salmon and the best hollandaise in the Central Australia.

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